The Hearts and Hands Scholarship fund was established in 1994 to award scholarships to Townsend, Tennessee residents attending regionally accredited colleges or vocational schools.    Since inception over $270,000.00 has been given to local students. An endowment fund has been established to ensure longevity of this project. With the generous support from individuals and businesses in Townsend and neighboring communities, we continue assisting students in pursuing higher education and to promote the spirit of a worthwhile cause.

We were excited to open the Hearts and Hands Thrift Shoppe in 2018.  It is located at 120 Tiger Drive in Townsend.  We anticipate that the revenue generated from the Shoppe will allow us to substantially increase our scholarship disbursements.  As result of this venture, the Hearts and Hands organization was able to award $31,000.00 in scholarships to Townsend students in 2019.


We wish our recipients success in their education and are proud to be able to help them achieve their goals. We warmly thank everyone everywhere for their support in this honorable project, and for ensuring the success of our most valuable assets – the students.


Hearts and Hands Scholarship