The History of the Hearts and Hands Scholarship

The Hearts and Hands Scholarship Fund was chartered in December, 1994. Established as a non-profit by the State of Tennessee in accordance with Section 501(c)(3). It operates with a seven member board. The purpose of the board is to raise money for scholarships to assist deserving local students further their education. The students must live in Townsend and be enrolled in a regionally accredited college or vocational school.

In 1995, the first year scholarships were awarded, $450.00 was given divided between two students. In 2005, the board awarded $500.00 to each of twenty-three students, totaling $11,500, plus two special $100 scholarships.   To date over $75,000 in scholarships has been awarded.  Some students have received aid their entire college career.

Many of the students have pursued careers of their dreams. Two are teachers here in Blount County, one a Registered Nurse, and another is a successful actor in Hollywood. Some are following goals of Dentist, Computer Technician, Writers, and the list goes on.

An Endowment Fund in excess of $60,000.00 has been established to ensure the longevity of the program. It is hoped that this fund will be made available to students in the future.

Many forms of fund raisers have been held through the years. Some have become traditional events, such as the White Elephant Sale held each spring. Also, at Townsend's Spring and Fall Festivals, there are Bake Sales and old timey Cake Walks.  On-going projects are newspaper and magazine  recycling, money jars in local businesses, sales of Christmas / Cookbook cards, prints of Kinzel Springs long ago, and ink jet cartridge recycling. We have held car washes, sport physical programs, gospel singings, and silent auctions. Local artists contribute their work.   We also have the support of several regular cash contributors and have been awarded money through organizations such as the Kiwanis and the Maryville Daily Times.

The Hearts and Hands Scholarship Fund could not exist without the generous respect and support of the community.

This site was created for the Hearts and Hands Scholarship fund by Matthew Denton as a graduate project for IS 567 at the University of Tennessee. This site was officially launched on December 3, 2003.